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Sinapi Biomedical, in partnership with PATH, has developed the Ellavi uterine balloon tamponade (UBT), an affordable, pressure-controlled device, which can be used to reduce maternal mortality in low resource settings. A recent research study has shown that the use of a low-cost UBT in African countries could save up to 6,500 lives and avert nearly 11,000 surgeries in sub-Saharan Africa alone (Herrick et al., 2017). A UBT is a minimally invasive intervention that can effectively treat and manage severe postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). When inserted into the uterus and slowly filled with water, it exerts pressure on the uterus causing the bleeding to stop in approximately 5 to 15 minutes. The technology works rapidly and effectively, reducing the need for risky and costly surgical interventions and blood transfusions.

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SINAPI Biomedical and PATH ( is an international, nonprofit global health organization based in Seattle).