Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre (BIDC) offers technical support to SMMEs and entrepreneurs in the development of cosmetics, foods/ neutraceuticals, industrial biologics and speciality chemicals. During product and process development the BIDC assists Industry/ SMME’s to take their concepts to market ready products and supports them right up to pilot scale production.


The centre has optimal processes for biological product development which tend to be complicated due to the sensitive nature of organisms, extracts or products produced. Furthermore, it is able to transform sensitive intermediate products into saleable final products with improved shelf stability using the various applicable process options. The centre is staffed with a team comprising biochemists, biotechnologists, process engineers, chemists and formulation scientists who apply their knowledge to assist SMMEs to productise their product concepts. The centre has facilities comprising; laboratories for molecular biology, applied chemistry, biocatalysis, natural products chemistry, process chemistry, food technology, as well as laboratory and pilot scale process development facilities. These facilities are complemented by high-end analytical infrastructure and skills within the CSIR.