The decomposition (electrolysis) of water into hydrogen and oxygen gas has been around since the year 1800. Water electrolysis has been gaining increasing attention globally as an effective means of storing renewable energy in the form of hydrogen gas. Hydrox Holdings Ltd. has attempted to challenge the ordinary by rethinking the way in which to perform water electrolysis. This new method represents a drastic simplification in contrast to conventional water electrolysis methods, implying a substantial reduction in both capital and operating expenditure of the process. The end goal is to yield a cost competitive method of producing hydrogen which is both renewable and environmentally friendly in contrast to that of current fossil fuel derived methods and existing forecourt electrolysis systems.


Hydrox Holding's alkaline DEFT water electrolysis technology can enable a role to help unlock the hydrogen economy by supplying a cost-effective means of storing energy and utilising that energy in applications such as mobility with the benefit of only water as an emission product.

Though DEFT has only been demonstrated on the small scale (5-20 kg H2 / day), there is no reasonable doubt as to why it would not be capable to be applied to larger applications requiring (100-1000 kg H2 / day). Hence, industries involved in the chemical manufacturing, food manufacturing, fuel production and energy generation industries along with the newer applications for hydrogen being renewable energy storage for back-up power and electric fuel cell vehicles would all need cost-effective hydrogen.

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