Overview of Innovator

Directech is a mechatronics innovation and development company that specializes in building industrial automated machines, robotics solutions, nut running solutions, automated guided vehicles, and aluminium kit building solutions.


  • Mechatronics Systems
  • Software Designing
  • Automation & Control Systems Integrator & Distributor
  • Inductive Powered Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Robotics Applications
  • Material Fabrication & Profiling (Using Item24 products)
  • Industrial Tooling & Nut-runners Tightening Solutions We Innovatively design & build:
  • Turn-key materials handling systems
  • Spot-welding system with feasibility study
  • Welding (Spot, Arc and Stud) •Optical inspections
  • Sealing applications
  • Cutting (Water jet, Laser ext.)
  • Painting
  • Machine Tending with AMT tools & controllers
Specialization Sector/s
Autonomous Systems
Advanced Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
Country / HQ
South Africa