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deaftouch has a vision to connect the word to the deaf, through the use of our accessible communications solutions, we enable efficient and effective communication between organizations and the deaf/blind while empowering platforms for diversity, equity and inclusion.

deaftouch is an award-wining software platform. Our software is a voice, video and text call distribution system and forms the backbone of our technology. Its cloud-hosted, web-based, scalable, customizable, user friendly, and built on ITU standards so it's reachable from most video endpoints in use today, including the endpoints the Deaf Community uses for VRS, as well as a click-to-call link on a webpage using WebRTC through a compatible browser.

The solution comes from the need identified by its founder Claybourne Appies after spending 16 years in the financial services industry working for the leading insurance companies in South Africa. Whenever confronted with having to deal with a deaf customer there's was no effective way to do so and what would normally take 30 mins as a phone to do became a 3-5 day task. While doing research on how big the problem is, it was discovered that globally there are more than 460 million deaf people according to the World Health Organization and more than 4 million in South Africa alone, the problem being communication means that the deaf has great challenges daily and includes but is not limited to 50% not having access to services, digital exclusion, education and a 75% unemployment rate.

Our suite of products are aimed at addressing some of these challenges by bridging the communication gap and bringing the deaf community into the mainstream of economic activity. A few of our services include Video Relay Services, Video Remote Interpretation and deaf to deaf call centre solutions that comprehensively solve the problem by allowing organizations such as governments and private companies to better communicate with the deaf through either sign language or speech to text services.

deaftouch takes a collaborative approach to technological innovation. We recognize that necessity is the mother of all inventions and that demand for equal and effective communication among the Deaf and Hard of Hearing initially gave rise to our video call centre solutions. We will always remain dedicated to serving the telecommunication needs of members of the disabilities communities, and thus seek input from those users of our technology. Additionally, our partner businesses, governments, and organizations have had an important voice in shaping the development of our technology. Their feedback not only helps us create the highest quality of products and services, but it also expands the conversation about disabilities, telecommunications, and technological advancement on a larger scale.

Ultimately, our approach is very simple: we seek to fully understand the business, product, or service needed, as well as the specific needs of customers or end-users. When we design solutions for a specific community, such as the Deaf or Blind Communities, we interact with the end-users to determine what features and specific requirements need to be addressed so we can develop a specific solution that meets both the customers and end-users needs

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