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The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), in collaboration with BIDF at the CSIR, invite interested South African SME's, black industrialists, municipalities, Higher Education Institutions, and RTOs to submit Expressions of Interest (EOI) to the open call: Accelerated Implementation of Biorefinery Technologies. The objective of the programme is to demonstrate waste beneficiation biorefinery technologies to bridge the gap between pre-commercialisation instruments for technology development and full entry into commercial scale.

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Full description

The Accelerated Implementation Of Biorefinery Technologies seeks to identify high impact technologies and practices in the following categories:

  • A. Beneficiation of waste organic biomass to avoid landfilling of the waste
  • B. Beneficiation of waste organic biomass to enable maximum utilisation of biomass resources
  • C. Implementation of technologies for the development of new value chains from organic waste
  • D. Development of new value chains from the clearing of alien invasive species
  • E. Implementation of technologies for the development of new value chains from biomass resources


Respondents should provide the following:

  1. The application document must be completed electronically and is supplied in Word format to allow for this.
  2. A clear definition of the goal of the project, together with the scope of the project and time frame.
  3. A clear understanding of the market of the intended technology: e.g., how big is the market segment that can feasibly be accessed? Provide proof of ability to access said market in the form of off-take agreements or letters of interest from clients
  4. A description of the technology accompanied by a photo or evidence of a product prototype, e.g., key features, impact, competitive advantage, etc. Technologies considered under this programme must already be at prototype stage, evidence of which must be provided.
  5. For in-licensed technology proof of the granted license is required.
  6. The type of biomass/feedstock that will be used should be specified; proof of access to the biomass should be provided.
  7. A clear indication of the (intended) socio-economic impact resulting from implementation of the solution.
  8. The application document must be completed in its entirety and reference cannot just be made to attached business plans without providing complete information in the application document itself. Business plans may be attached as supporting information only.
  9. If co-funding for the project is being requested, it needs to be captured under section 11, clearly highlighting the amount requested and the intended purpose thereof.

Closing date