In a COVID-context there is a necessity for social distancing. Consequently, managers of public spaces or institutions may be tasked with the enforcement or monitoring of this requirement. A result is that the real-time tracking of pedestrian movement in public spaces has become a growing reality.

CrowdFlo is a software application, developed by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, designed to assist in improving public safety and thereby play a part in slowing down the infection rate of COVID-19 by monitoring and tracking pedestrian movement in public spaces in real-time.

Benefits of the application:

  • can identify bottlenecks in crowd flow;
  • can be used to better plan pedestrian traffic flow in public spaces;
  • presents an analysis of pedestrian distances and exposure times;
  • can be used to trigger an alarm that alerts either management or the user when social distancing rules are not being adhered to;
  • can be used as a reminder to stay alert and maintain social distancing; and
  • can be adapted or further developed in alignment with the specific the needs of the user.

CrowdFlo is being offered on a royalty-free basis for specific applications.

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