Concussion Management System is an application framework that allows for easily accessible baseline testing and access to a player's concussion history from anywhere in the world.  The proposed device makes use of visual tracking techniques to evaluate ocular motor function which incorporates widely distributed brain circuits. The device is portable, easy to use, and requires little human input making it ideal to be used as a sideline concussion screening tool that can be available at most sporting events and can be administered by a trained coach or attendee.

Management of concussion is most important when evaluating when a player is ready to Return To Play (RTP). This is a critical decision in order to prevent the dangers of repeated head trauma and Second Impact Syndrome (SIS). RTP should not be considered unless an athlete is completely void of any symptoms, meaning when assessment scores of an athlete returns to baseline or normative values. The application will streamline this comparative process, allowing for quick testing in any setting, without the need for acute medical training in concussions.

The application incorporates a digitized version of the HIA tests. This facilitates quick and effective testing. Test data is then also automatically recorded and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the application. Test digitization also allows for randomization of tests, such as the numbers the player is required to memorize during the immediate memory recall test. This significantly decreases the learning effect and will contribute to the sensitivity of repeated use.

The addition of quantitative balance and eye tracking performance assessments further increases the sensitivity of the system. This will grant access to effective concussion management to everybody. Parents will be able to test their children from home greatly decreasing the detrimental effects that repeat concussion currently have in community sport.

The target market includes medical facilities around the world, schools for sporting events and sporting bodies.  

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