Department of Trade Industry and Competition South Africa

The Clothing and Textiles Competitiveness Programme (CTCP) is a programme of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti’s) and forms a core part of the implementation of the Customised Sector Programme (CSP’s) for the Clothing, Textiles, Footwear, Leather & Leather Goods Industries. The CTCP’s main objective is to assist industry in upgrading equipment, process, products and people, re-positioning South Africa to compete effectively against other low cost producing countries.

Full description

The Programme aims to ensure better support for the Clothing Textile Footwear Leather (CTFL) sectors through five policy levers of The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic):

  • Clothing Textile Footwear Leather Growth Programme (CTFLGP) to boost customised financing and value chain competitiveness;
  • Designation of Clothing Textile Footwear Leather under Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act Regulation for 100% local contents;
  • Retail – Clothing Textile Footwear Leather (R-CTFL) Masterplan 2030;
  • Developing and implementing policies for improved growth, competitiveness, new decent jobs and sustainability of the Clothing Textile Footwear Leather industries; and
  • Enabling innovation and technology demonstration, value chain strategies as well as the development of relevant skills for the sectors through the various clusters.


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