Are you a 4IR Startup? Have you been in operation for 3-7 years? Are you a company developing Smart City technologies and/or innovative solutions? Do you have a pilot-ready solution for a challenge faced by the city?

The City of Johannesburg’s Smart City Office invites you to submit proposals for smart city innovative solutions for challenges faced by the city such as; 

  • Safety against gender-based violence - The City seeks solutions that give greater protection for women and children (e.g. panic buttons, wearable alarms amongst other solutions) and ways to improve reporting and identifying GBV incidents, facilitating reporting and developing faster response mechanisms.
  • Economic Development & Township Economy - The city seeks innovative DIGITAL approaches to expanding market access for township SMEs as well as diversifying business sectors prevalent in poorer communities.
  • 4IR Readiness for smart citizens - The City seeks low tech solutions related to how to gear our resident youth up for their 4IR future.
  • Institutional operations and management - The City seeks to use automation to improve local government efficiencies (e.g.
    Robotic Process automation or similar technology). 
  • Predictive analytics to improve asset management - The City seek ways to use advanced data analytic stools to help us predict when infrastructure may fail which will allow the City to forward plan and budget accordingly, whilst eliminating or minimising disruption to service.
  • Energy efficiency - The City’s seeks ways to limit the amount of electricity theft that causes financial loses and damages the City’s power infrastructure resulting in power outages.

Solutions scope

Solutions should accelerate service delivery, improve the liveability and safety of the City and enhance operational efficiencies; 

  • Accelerate service delivery solutions are those that accelerate the speeding which the City is able to deliver services to its residents as well as improve the quality, availability and accessibility.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies solutions are those that will enable City employees to operate more efficient administratively and to extract the greatest value out of their dedicated time.
  • Improve city liveability & safety solutions are those that help improve the quality of life in the City by reducing vulnerability, improving security, and upholding standards of human dignity. These are solutions that may additionally enable the city citizens to be entrepreneurial and find new ways to sustain themselves.

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Important dates:

Application Dateline: 02 March 2021 

Briefing Session: 08 February 2021 @14h00 on Microsoft Teams(Click here to RSVP for the briefing session).

Full description

Price & Outcomes 

  • Three winning applications will be taken into rapid development and supported by Tshimologong’s virtual bootcamp.
  • A Cash award of Five Hundred Thousand Rand (R500,000) is available for 3 awardees
  • Winners will get an opportunity to pilot within a Department or Municipal Entity of City and be supported by the relevant city departments (within privacy and security parameters that legislatively govern the City). The winners will be given limited, but relevant, access to infrastructure, volunteer residents, buildings and – where possible – data.
  • A virtual bootcamp will form part of the rapid prototyping process with the aim
    to assist the chosen solutions into an MVP.

This open call is for:
1. South African individuals 35 years old and younger,
2. Women 35 years old and younger (applicants 40 and under will also be considered)
3. 4IR companies that:
a) have a minimum annual turnover of R100 000 and/or
b) are between 3 to 7 years old.
c) have a technology or solution that is ready for pilot,.
d) are registered in South Africa and the founder being resident in the following priorities areas: Johannesburg, Gauteng Province or South Africa
e) preference will be given to previously disadvantaged founders, women and people living with disabilities.

Closing date


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