Department of Trade Industry and Competition South Africa

The Capital Projects Feasibility Programme (CPFP) is a cost-sharing grant that contributes to the cost of feasibility studies likely to lead to projects that will increase local exports and stimulate the market for South African capital goods and services. 

The grant is capped at R8 million to a maximum of 50% of the total costs of the feasibility study for projects outside Africa and 55% of the total costs of the feasibility study for projects in Africa.

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Eligible Enterprises

South African registered legal entity. A foreign entity will only be considered if it partners with a South African registered entity and the application is submitted by the South African entity.

Studies that fulfil the following non-financial criteria will be eligible to apply for a grant through the programme:

  • new projects, expansion of existing projects and the rehabilitation of existing projects;
  • the programme that is anticipated to emerge from the feasibility study must fulfil the objectives of the programme;
  • the minimum local content should be 50% for goods and 70% for professional services which remains at the discretion of the Adjudication Committee;
  • projects can be situated anywhere in the world ( excluding South Africa)

Additional evaluation criteria which can be considered as motivational factors about the project which may result in:

  • A positive impact on other developmental aspects including job creation, skills development, linkages with small, medium and micro enterprises etc.
  • A minimum of 10% of the total professional services involved during the feasibility study should be sub-contracted to South African black-owned professionals/entities;
  • A clear detailed time period within which the project emanating from the feasibility study will be realised;
  • Buy-in and other sources of funding from private and public sector organisation(s) to realise the project.

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