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The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) invites local innovators with cutting-edge Growth-Stage climate change adaptation technology solutions focusing on the agroprocessing sector at large.

The overarching development objective of the project is to accelerate the transition to a green economy, a decarbonized industry and a vibrant and inclusive job market in South Africa. This will lead to a reduced environmental footprint of the industry, higher climate resilience and the creation of green jobs.

The project will address the barriers that are currently hampering an accelerated adoption of measures and technologies on climate adaptation and enable the private sector to capitalize on the opportunities to shift towards a green economy.


  • Participants should have a minimum viable product (MVP) or a developed prototype of their solution. 
  • Startups or SMEs at various stages of development are eligible, including early-stage companies and those with a proven track record in the market.

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Evaluation Criteria 

  • Participants must have innovative solutions related to agro and agriculture with a focus on the food, water, and energy nexus.
  • Solutions should demonstrate the integration of technology to address challenges and improve efficiency in the agro-processing sector.
  • Technologies could include IoT, automation, precision agriculture, renewable energy, water management, waste reduction, etc.
  • Participants must showcase a strong business model with a clear value proposition, target market, and revenue generation potential.
  • Business models should demonstrate sustainability, scalability, and potential for growth in the agro and agriculture sectors.
Closing date
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Clean Technologies
Bioenergy Technology
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
​Information and communication

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