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Health Infusions and Nutraceuticals

The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) in partnership with the Chemistry Incubator (CHEMIN) would like to invite SMMEs and co-operatives in the Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) sector to submit Expressions of Interest (EoIs) for the development and commercialisation of IKS-based innovations. This call is targeted at bio-based based innovations in the areas of Health Infusions, Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals and African Traditional Medicine (human and veterinary health). The said IK-based innovations must be developed from indigenous biodiversity or extracts thereof, and such development be informed, inspired, or based on IKS.

EoI Parameters:

  • Funding type -  Conditional Grant
  • Funding Limit - R 1 000 000
  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL)/Stage of Development -  3 - 8 
  • Focus Areas -  Cosmeceuticals, African Traditional Medicines (both human and veterinary health), Health Infusions and Nutraceuticals
  • Funding Period Guideline -  Maximum 12 – 18 months


Chemin will provide the following:

  • Infrastructure and skilled human resource support (such as scientists, technologists, process engineers, etc.)
  • Technical incubation support
  • Analytical support, shelf life, nutritional studies, experts in medicinal chemistry and quality control
  • Bio-based product development, formulation and labelling or packaging
  • Business and marketing entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring and training in processing and manufacturing
  • Liaise with other organisations to build and expand the network of the SMME, and
  • Facilitation of the acquisition of permits and licenses for successful applicants.

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Full description


  • Applying SMMEs must have a South African-owned company that is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • Valid tax clearance certificate or pin code
  • Company Profile
  • Identity Document
  • Initial product, process (comprehensive technology package) and prototypes development
  • Demonstration of potential or current markets (verifiable market interest) and business plan
  • The applicant must demonstrate competitive know-how
  • The potential for greater economic and social impact through, for example clear local manufacture and job creation opportunities
  • Current company financials (if any)
  • Clear description of the type of technical assistance required, prioritised in terms of commercial market requirements
  • A 2% royalty fee from revenue generated per annum from the successful commercialisation of the funded project may be levied back to the fund, up to 1.5 x the funded amount
  • Preference will be given to the following in underserved regions of South Africa:
    • SMMEs and Co-operatives owned and managed by women
    • Co-operatives and SMMEs owned and managed by people with disabilities
    • Co-operatives and SMMEs owned and managed by the Youth [persons under the age of 35 years in the year of application]
    • Co-operatives and SMMEs owned by previously disadvantaged people [in terms of race].


The following will not be covered under this call:

  • Request for equipment
  • Requests for infrastructure or purchase of land
  • Requests for start-up costs
  • Requests for operational costs (for example salaries, rent, telephone)
  • Requests to establish farming enterprises of the plants (for example primary agriculture)
  • Equity holding or purchase rights
  • Clinical trials
  • Accreditation of facilities.
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