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The Innovator Prize is aimed to recognise and reward the best individuals related to research, development, and innovation projects that represent technological innovation and a potential contribution to the science and technology sector of the BRICS countries. 

The Prize focuses on projects and prototypes that should be used to improve their respective sectors/ industries.

Three thematic areas for the fourth BRICS Young Innovators Prize that have been selected based  on their high importance in all BRICS countries:

  • Healthcare
  • Energy Solutions
  • Cyber Physical systems (CPS) and their  applications

How to apply?

The projects must be submitted by the BRICS respective Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation until 26 August 2021, according to each member’s rules, by e-mail.

Full description

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must be under the age of 30 (on 1 September 2021) to be eligible for participation.
  • Candidates must be bound to BRICS member countries, either by nationality (born or naturalized) or by residence (persons with permanent residence visas).
  • Candidates may not submit more than one project.
  • Candidates must be the first/main authors of the project submitted.
  • Participation in the BRICS Young Innovator Prize will be restricted to four candidates per country from each BRICS member state, from among the young innovators taking part in the sixth BRICS Young Scientists Forum.
  • Each BRICS member state may conduct the national selection of the candidates on a competitive basis or through a process of nomination.

Closing date