Nambu has developed an innovative low-cost model of insect protein production that turns food and other organic waste streams into a high-value source of proteins, oils and micronutrients ideal for use in the animal feed sector. 

We have done this by employing a distributed model of business development that enables us to spread the benefits of this emerging technology to as many regions as possible, fostering inclusive growth and circular food systems in areas otherwise often neglected due to geographic location or size. 

We offer the opportunity for aspirant insect producers to join us as out-growers, where we provide the technical know-how and access to plans, equipment, production stock, business development support services and stable off-take agreements. In return, our network producers gain access to our 24hr support, updated systems and production practices and most importantly, markets. 

The products that we produce are primarily live and dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae, as well as oil and a high protein meal. These are all ideally suited for use in the animal feed sector, particularly in the production of Poultry, Pork and Fish. We also supply various pieces of production equipment, as well as providing teaching, learning and consulting services. 

We are committed to closing the loop on food and organic waste, and through this, drive more sustainable and equitable local food systems with improved resource use efficiency and climate resilience. 

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