Overview of innovation

The BASE architecture provides a platform that allows any human or machine resource to self-organise around activities that need them. It is self-improving, incrementally scalable, and adapts to the structure of the organisation. BASE-enabled resources and activities allow traceability, visibility, and business automation. BASE provides organisations, including SMEs, with the opportunity to take advantage of Industry 4.0 capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, increase traceability, and enable real-time decision making, without having to replace legacy systems or overhaul the IT and administrative infrastructure of the entire business.

BASE lowers the barrier to entry and increases the competitiveness of companies in the fourth industrial revolution. The BASE platform is built on a proprietary architecture enabling a cost-effective, customisable and scalable solution to automate, optimise, schedule, keep track of, and get timely feedback on activities and processes in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare. Additionally, the BASE architecture allows the seamless integration of human workers into the digital environment.

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