Cape Peninsula University of Technology South Africa

BamFibre is a natural, gluten-, lactose- and cholesterol- free soluble and insoluble fibre developed at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.  BamFibre acts as a stabiliser and cryoprotectant in food, aids detoxification and waste excretion and is suitable for high temperature application such as baking. The recommended daily dietary fibre intake ranges from 30 – 40 g/ day, with suggestions made by most nutritionists and dieticians that 20 – 30% of dietary fibre intake should be from soluble dietary fibre.  Commercially, cotyledon and hull fibres from peas are available for food applications; however, fibres from other pulse sources are scarce.  Hence, it is necessary to obtain additional food sources of dietary fibre, in particular, those with superior functional properties for use in various food applications.



•   BamFibre provides gluten-free dietary fibre with superior functional properties

•   BamFibre produces a higher yield of insoluble and soluble dietary fibres compared to other pulse fibres

•   BamFibre-I lowers cholesterol levels, blood glucose and is a source of insoluble dietary fibre

•   BamFibre-S lowers cholesterol and blood glucose and is a detoxing aid.  it supports the growth of probiotic bacteria with the potential for use in weaning foods

•   BamFibre can be used to considerably increase the fibre content of food and beverages with improved physicochemical properties

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