Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Overview of innovation

The Bambara Groundnut, or round bean, is widespread in Africa where it is known by various names. It has potential as a cash crop, owing to its nutritional composition, functional properties and antioxidant potential. 

Consequently, we at CPUT have used the Bambara Groundnut as a raw material to create several value-added products. These include dairy substitutes, baked goods, meat substitutes, and beverages. These products are gluten-, lactose- and cholesterol-free and have the potential to be rapidly scaled up to provide niche and alternative products that are nutritious and marketable. The Bambara groundnuts contain up to 60 % carbohydrate, 16 % to 20 % protein, low levels of oil (6% to 8%) and are a rich source of minerals and essential amino acids. Thus Bambara is viewed as a complete food.

Aonyx Foods is a Cape Peninsula University of Technology spin-off company that has been formalised as an opportunity to create a manufacturing business, vertically integrating with other sectors in the country.


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