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Overview of innovation

Backchat allows lecturers to record voice notes and distribute audio feedback on a large scale to students using technology that records small size audio files and enables low data usage. These voice notes are individualised as feedback to every student. Lecturers can also seamlessly weave commentary with pre-recorded comments for commonly repeated mistakes.
Using pre-recorded messages is a time-saving way to create good interactive responses and explanations that can be used repeatedly.

The software is user-friendly and can be used online or offline. The lecturer can also use a marking rubric and a class list, reducing the administrative load. This includes a function that automatically calculates test and assignment marks, and another that gives the lecturer statistics on the common mistakes students make in a specific test or assignment.

Market opportunity
With the ever-increasing time pressure on university lecturers and schoolteachers, Backchat offers an innovative solution to provide customised interactive feedback to students, and small size audio files allow for minimal data usage. This is an ideal software tool to allow for time efficient feedback, making online teaching and learning more interactive.

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