Avril Biopharma can produce milligram amounts of Rabies Glycoprotein G in fertilized eggs and seek partners in the human or veterinary vaccine and diagnostics fields who wish to commercialize products based on this reagent. Our proof of concept product was made with the Vnukovo-32 vaccine strain but any preferred strain could be produced in the same manner.

Our ideal partner would be a sponsor for commercializing diagnostic test kits, pre-clinical and clinical testing of a veterinary rabies vaccine or pre-clinical and clinical testing of a human rabies vaccine.

A sponsor with interest or existing capabilities for the production of Clean Egg or SPF Eggs in the region or a veterinary or diagnostic testing manufacturer would be ideal partners. We are also looking for University collaborations for the continued development of Rabies and other products.

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Avril Biopharma is a future-of-medicine company developing the tools, platforms and products to enable biotechnology innovation.  Our current business model is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) offering to develop, characterize, optimize and scale production of recombinant proteins or nanoparticles.  Our proprietary platform is comprised of Structural Genetics (TM),  AdCEV (TM)/Egg technologies, and turn-key AGRIPHARM Modular Manufacturing systems for manufacturing with our technology. Avril Biopharma works with partners supporting their needs for custom-engineered biopharmaceutical products from discovery stages through to full commercial production.

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