Avril Biopharma can design and manufacture bespoke, gene-based synthetic biology products.  Our business model is focused on simplifying manufacturing for next-generation medical and veterinary products.  We are developing technologies and partnerships to make complex, custom-made, biological products affordable and locally accessible.


Structural Genetics

Structural Genetics™ is our platform for bioinformatics encompassing genomic analysis through designing blueprints for recombinant products. Our bioinformatics algorithms give novel insight into genetic and structural variation allowing us to rationally design and engineer new vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. We apply Structural Genetics™ to turn genetic sequence data into actionable drug and vaccine design decisions for those responsible for public health. For example, we can analyse the strains of emerging viruses like Influenza, SARS-COV-2 and others so that better vaccines and more reliable tests can be made to fight the diseases they cause.

AdCEV/Egg— Recombinant bioproduction platform

Our manufacturing technology is based on a simply bioreactor that nature made —hen eggs. Using an adenovirus derived vector system, we can produce desired recombinant molecules in the tried and trusted fertilized egg. Our AdCEV/Egg platform is a scalable platform in which to develop your diagnostic reagents, vaccines, therapeutics of biosimilars products under GLP or GMP specifications.

Through our industry partnerships, we can offer services in all the steps of the translational pathway:

  • GLP production for research products
  • Pilot-scale GMP production in eggs
  • Purification SOP development
  • Protein stabilization and vaccine formulation

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