Mr. Edmond Ng'walago Tanzania

The Automatic Computerized Mobile Whole Body Sanitizer Machine can be used to end the spread of COVID19 Virus, by sanitizing the whole body of a person to ensure the person, after passing through the machine, does not remain with the VIRUS on his/ her body. All machines constructed will be mobile and can be used at public places such as banks, airports, bus stands, railway stations, schools, ports and harbors, hospitals, churches, markets, and mosques. The structure of the machine will be a door that is used to enter the main door of the building/vehicle where the person is going to seek normal service or a product. It will be similar to screening machines at the airport and will be able to identify the person with COVID-19 infections and keep a record of the images of all people that have passed through the machine. It will also be able to identify people who have escaped from sanitizing their bodies by sending notifications to the relevant Authority. 

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