Overview of Investor

Agri-Vie is a private equity investment fund focused on food and agribusiness in Sub-Sahara Africa, a foundational sector of the continent’s economies. Agri- Vie harnesses private equity investment disciplines to generate above-average investment returns, while also addressing development impact challenges.

Initiated by the Agri-Vie investment team and Sanlam Private Equity with the cooperation of South African and international investors as well as the Makotulo Consortium, Agri-Vie has consistently grown its role as a trusted investment partner in food & agribusiness.

Investment Focus

As an investor focused on the food and agribusiness value chain, Agri-Vie only in exceptional cases invests directly in stand-alone primary production/farming.

The following sub-sectors relate to our first-order investment focus:

  • Food and beverage FMCG
  • Convenience foods, including fresh-packed and prepared foods
  • Protein products including poultry, aquaculture and beef
  • Value-added dairy products, including yoghurts, desserts, cultured milk
  • Health & wellness products/nutraceuticals
  • Forestry and timber products
  • Agricultural inputs including seeds, bio-friendly fertilisers and crop-protection
  • Food logistics – cold chain, warehousing, distribution
  • Renewable energy
Type of investor
Preferred investment stage