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Goal 7: Affordable & clean energy
Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Ensuring access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all has come one step closer due to recent progress in electrification, particularly in LDCs, and improvements in industrial energy efficiency. However, national priorities and policy ambitions still need to be strengthened to put the world on track to meet the energy targets for 2030


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Innovation Bridge Portal
Innovation Bridge Portal


University of Cape Town


Silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) systems undergo a drop in real-time performance in the field when compared to the predicted “laboratory” performance. The effects of dynamic operational...

University of Cape Town

This solar cooker is small enough to be packed into a backpack in its collapsed form and carried by one person. In its fully assembled state, it takes the shape of a cone. 

The cone is formed by...

North-West University

The North-West University (NWU) is pioneering the novel use of Europium-Tellurium-Oxide (ETO) in the production of clean energy. ETO is a light-chargeable catalyst material that exhibits sustained and...

Wits Commercial Enterprise

The novel solar trough plant receiver is customizable based on the solar field needs, providing improvements in the harnessing of solar energy. Unlike conventional parabolic trough solar systems, it...

University of the Western Cape

The cost of building materials contributes significantly to overall construction costs, with ordinary Portland cement (OPC) being one of the main components.  The production of OPC is not...

Sustainability Professionals (PTY) LTD

Business Description: Sustainability Professionals (PTY) LTD is a female-owned Social Enterprise that sells a uniquely designed range of energy-efficient biomass stoves for mass and household cooking...

University of the Western Cape

Fly ash, is a waste by-product from the coal-fired electricity generating stations. Power stations need to dispose of the fly ash in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, making the need to...


SUNSPOT is a solar thermal power plant with rock-bed storage, containing a unique set of patented and individually licensable Stellenbosch University technologies. The SUNSPOT cycle is appropriate and...

North-West University

During the refinement process, coal plants produce fine coal that is often considered a waste product. Green Coal has two applications. Firstly, to produce briquettes from the fine coal which are...

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