Overview of innovation
The UV-C MINI is a light commercial unit, perfect
for public spaces, office, home or any waiting area.
It’s designed to sanitize hand held items such as cellphones,
keys, wallets and even a PPE mask within 30
seconds using effective UV-C Ultraviolet technology.
Simply place the items on the tray inside the box,
place your hand over the touchless IR sensor on the
side to activate the UV-C light and 30 secs later, the
items will be successfully sanitized. Open the box and
remove your safe, sterilised items.
The UV-C MINI can either be wall mounted
or placed on a suitable surface and can be also be
custom branded for promotional awareness.

Suitable Applications:
• Perfect for home and office use; doctors and
hospital waiting areas, banks, shopping centres,
restrooms, business reception areas etc.
• Sanitises any item that will fit inside the unit.
• UV-C light is proven to effectively kill viruses,
bacteria and mould.
Name of Developer
Alex Lenaerts
Primary Organisation
Aer-o-cure (Pty) Ltd
Was this innovation co-created?
Innovation Area/Category
Medical Devices
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 8 – Ready for market
Intellectual Property
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