Waterless Toilet We have developed a waterless toilet-biogas plant system, inspired by nature’s distinctive ability to reserve energy and maintain zero waste. South Africa and Africa struggle to achieve proper waste management, and the effects of global warming and drought are extensive. This...

Conciergi: Running Your Errands, Giving You Time This innovation entails a mobile application, which provides convenient on-demand services to really busy people. The platform connects busy people with “Concierge Agents” (people with time on their hands) to run their errands for them. After...

A short description of the funding opportunity.

The incentive is aimed at encouraging private sector businesses to invest in and conduct R&D in South Africa. With increased R&D, businesses can enhance innovative capability and create new products, processes, devices and techniques, and/or improve existing ones.

A short description of the funding opportunity.

THRIP is a cost-sharing grant of up to R8 million per annum for a period of 3 years for approved projects engaged in applied research and development (R&D) in science, engineering and technology.

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