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PrCr Urine Dipstick test protein and creatinine antenatal

Life Assay Diagnostics and its partners have developed a simple to use Protein-to-Creatine (PrCr) radiometric urine dipstick test. The PrCr urine dipstick test consists of two detection pads that have been specifically formulated to detect protein and creatinine in urine with specific concentrations. The chemical formulation of the pads reacts in such a way resulting in a colour change, which then corresponds to a particular colour block provided on the product label. A woman’s proteinuria result is then determined by using an easy-to-use olorimetric chart which corresponds to the specific protein-creatinine ratios. The colorimetric chart has already undergone initial refinement based on feedback received from target users in Ghana during PATH’s previous usability evaluation study. The PrCr test is intended for use by health care providers across the health care system in developing countries including at the community level where the majority of women receive routine antenatal care.

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