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During the refinement process, coal plants produce a fine coal that is often considered a waste product. Green Coal has two applications. Firstly, to produce briquettes from the fine coal which are suitable for industrial applications. Secondly, Green Coal can be purposed to absorbing harmful gaseous emissions in the downstream coal purification process, removing sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide gases from the coal source to produce a more “Eco-Friendly” coal.

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Currently, briquette manufacturers focus on producing mechanically strong, waterproof and economically feasible products. Similar to existing briquette manufacturers, we will address the depleting coal reserves in South Africa as well as
ensure availability of coal for export. Green Coal aims to take it one step further, by addressing environmental related issues associated with using our product.
The current market includes:
• Coal mining industry
• Industrial and Household coal users

The attributes of the technology that makes it unique.

What sets Green Coal apart is the use of:
• Biomass derived char - The end-user will gain carbon credits as a direct result of using
Green Coal briquettes.
• A specific catalyst - The catalyst serves two functions. Firstly, the catalyst will assist in entrapping sulphur in the final ash. This means the
end-user will spend less on sulphur removal from the resulting gas; translating in fewer capital expenditures.
Secondly, the use of catalyst has shown similar coal reactivity at lower reaction
temperatures compared to current operating temperatures. This will result in lowered operating costs for Green Coal users.

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