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Geasy: The Smart Geyser System

Together the smart geyser controller and consumer management devices form a system that enables considerable water and electricity savings. The system monitors the geyser in real-time and allows the consumer to set an optimal heating scheduling. Using an online platform one can remotely set a customised user program and provides usage data and feedback. The Geasy system can be retrofitted, and thus does not need additional plumbing or appliances.

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The Geasy Smart Geyser is our flagship product, Geasy represents a geyser evolution, changing your previously dumb geyser into a smart one. Geasy is an electronic device that is retrofitted onto a standard geyser. The electronic device then communicates to Bridgiot’s online platform from where the user can manage their device from our website or a mobile application.

Geasy enables you to easily save on your electricity bill by providing a simple and convenient way to set the optimal heating schedule. If you enable Geasy’s auto-scheduling, Geasy will learn from your usage pattern and set your heating schedule for you! With basic scheduling, your geyser’s energy consumption can easily be reduced by 30%.

With Geasy’s water measurements, you will be surprised to learn how much hot water is wasted. Our online platform will present you with the data detailing you exact water usage, and the schedule thereof. With this information on hand, it is easy to adjust your water behaviour as well as the remote geyser heating schedules for optimal water and electrical saving.

Damages resulting from a burst geyser can be significant. An additional feature of the Geasy is detection and notification of water in the drip tray, an indicator present prior to a geyser bursting. Not only will Geasy detect and notify you, it can shut-off the water supply, limiting the damage a burst geyser can cause.

The Geasy should be especially appealing to hot water heater manufacturers and distributors, residential consumers, city councils, and municipal as well as private electrical service providers.

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The combination of the Geasy Smart Geyser controller and the smart water meter enables consumers to manage devices and information through our online platform remotely. Both these devices enable consumers to make considerable savings and to be more environmentally conscious.

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The Geasy system and method is suitable to be retrofitted into existing or newly installed electric water heater installations. No plumbing alterations are required for implementation, resulting in minimal installation complexity and cost.

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Dr. M.J Booysen, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Stellenbosch University.
Mr. P.J.C Nel, Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Stellenbosch University.
Prof A.B van der Merwe, Department of Computer Sciences, Stellenbosch University

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Cape Town

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