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The BIDF specialises in processing biomass (e.g. wood, wood waste, sawdust, invasives, plants) for extraction of valuable chemicals from the biomass and for converting the biomass into high value products.

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The facility assists SMMEs and industry, from laboratory to industry scale, with an aim to revive ailing manufacturers by creating new industry value chains from the biomass thus leading to new jobs through improved competitiveness.

Procedures and materials which result from the research conducted at the BIDF are used to improve the competitiveness of the forestry, agro-processing and other biomass industries and support the creation of new industries through beneficiation of biomass waste. The BIDF provides industry with state of the art equipment and offers specialised chemical fractionation equipment, advanced analytical facilities and pilot facilities for upscale demonstrations of new and existing technologies and products. This facility is home to some of South Africa’s finest chemists and engineers dedicated to supporting SMMEs and established companies with technology development.

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