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A short description of the funding opportunity.

CDP is an incentive programme that aims to promote industrialisation, sustainable economic growth and job creation needs of South Africa through cluster development and industrial parks.

Exclusions to the funding opportunities are described below.

The following organisations are excluded from either applying as clusters or forming part of the cluster; export councils, industry associations, trusts. Non-qualifying costs include any activity that is partially supported by another government scheme, quasi-government scheme, or that receives any other support from an entity other than members of the cluster.

Applicable funding type(s).
Grant funding
How to apply for the funding opportunity.

To apply visit the dti website, and locate the financial assistance tab. All information regarding application forms and guidelines is provided for in each of the dti funding and/or incentives.

Organisations with projects/technologies in the following organisation sector(s) may qualify to receive the funding.
Follow this link to access more information regarding this funding opportunity.
Your project will be assessed based on the following criteria.

An eligible cluster should have five or more members who are registered tax paying entities or non-profit organisations. At least 20% of the membership of the cluster should be made up of 51% black owned entities in the first year (i.e. the pilot stage). In case of industrial parks, preference will be given to parks located in areas where there are high levels of unemployment (townships or rural areas), the majority of tenants must be involved in manufacturing or supply based firms.

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