Water Technologies Demonstration Programme South Africa | Cape Town
Keywords related to the available technology.
Arumloo Altered P trap flush with confidence Reduced water footprint

Arumloo: An Elegant Toilet Inspired by the Arum Lily, this toilet has been designed to reduce the volume of water required per flush. The redesigned shape of the pan paired with an altered P trap means that the Arumloo is the world’s ‘greenest’ flush toilet, requiring only 2 litres, or a third of the normal volume, per flush. This product is available in superior quality ceramic or plastic options, increasing affordability.

The industry(s) relevant to the technology. Which industries can benefit from this technology?
Collection, purification and distribution of water Other business activities
The Technology Readiness Level of the available technology. For more information on the Technology Readiness Levels, please follow the link: Technology Readiness Levels
Technology readiness level 8
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